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Schooling in the Year 2014

Starting at a new school, having not been to an actual school in 3 years, and having online schooling so deeply ingrained in your mind, these are possibly the most gut-wrenchingly painful combination for an introverted teenager(oh, did I forget to mention that part?). So suffice to say, my first day of school on September 2nd, of 2014 was an unbelievably scandalizing experience. Add in the 300 or…

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The problem with the change in seasons and the length of seasons is that you invariably favor one season over the others to the point that you begin to crave for that season and wish for it to begin again. This in itself is not the problem, the problem comes when you continually strive for something that is out of your reach and that you can’t change; like when the harshness of winter comes and…

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